Personality Survey

Panache: Aveda Lifestyle Stores, Salons & Spa Personality Survey
  • Please take the following questionnaire. There are no right or wrong answers.

    This questionnaire allows us to better understand you and how best to communicate with you.

    Below are 4 words or sentences.

    In each group pick the one MOST like you and place a 1 by it. Place a 2 next to the word that second best describes you, then a 3 and a 4 next to the word LEAST like you.

  • A. InfluentialB. OrganizedC. FriendlyD. Unconventional
  • A. LeadingB. PreciseC. FeelingsD. Spontaneous
  • A. Work/Play HardB. No SurprisesC. No ConflictD. Be Flexible
  • A. CompetitiveB. ThoroughC. WarmD. Expressive
  • A. Bottom LineB. DetailedC. AccessibleD. Good Time
  • A. I like to supervise othersB. I want things to be predictableC. Dealing with conflict with others is unpleasant to meD. I like to follow my inspiration and not be tied down by too many rules
  • A. I like to be in charge with peopleB. Following a routine is a pleasure to meC. I like to be in harmony with othersD. I like to keep things open so as not to feel fenced in
  • To Score: Add together the numbers next to the A items and place the total in the A line. Then add together all the numbers next to the B and place the total in the B line. Continue for C and D

  • Total of all A's:Total of all B's:Total of all C's:Total of all D's:
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